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I am a bookseller and all reviews featured are from ARC's received from NetGalley, Edelweiss, virtual book tour organisers, or direct from Publishers, and from my own purchases and/or the library.
I do not receive any payment for my reviews.  All reviews are my unbiased and honest opinion. I try hard not to disrespect or offend an author by being as constructive and fair as is practicable.
I accept ARC’s; galleys; and physical copies (preferred).  Please advise if you require any additional material included in the review.

Although I'm not able to guarantee a written review for every title I receive, I will try my best but at times my job as a bookseller takes priority.

I will also enthusiastically advise customers visiting the bookstore of any titles I have had the opportunity to read for review and feel are suited to their requirements. Even if I haven't liked a particular book or even finished it I can still recommend them.

Platforms used to promote my reviews are via, my blog SJ2B House of Books, Twitter; Google+; and various others.  I also  submit the review to sites such as, Amazon; Goodreads; and LibraryThing.
My Rating System:

AMAZING. I just cannot praise enough. I will badger everyone I know into reading it from bookseller colleagues and management to any bookstore customers wanting to read this genre or perhaps even introduce as a 'wild card' read. 'Wild card' referring does work ! Will read more from this author.

Loved it and will definitely recommend it. May have some minor issues (spelling, grammar, plot holes etc) but has an excellent story line and character development. I will be buying a copy if not already owned and constantly be in mind for referral to bookstore customers. Will read more from this author.

This was a good book, others may love it. Also used for mainstream book titles and will definitely bring to bookstore customers attention.

Not really my kind of thing, but thank you for the opportunity to review as I can recommend to interested customer or those with an interest to this particular genre, etc.

Did not like it, maybe a customer might and I'll know about it to comment constructively.
What can I say
If I DNF (Do/Did Not Finish) I don't usually feel I can give a fair rating or review. If I do not finish a book, I will let the author know.
do not read Romance, or Chic Lit, or Erotica but may skim read for referring purposes.
My Preferred Genres:
Sci Fi
Crime (neo, noir, all kinds of)
War (Fiction &  Non)
Psychological Mystery/Suspense
Historical Fiction
Coming of Age
Travel Writhing

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