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TLC BLOG TOUR (Review & Giveaway) Disintegration by Richard Thomas

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Disintegration by Richard Thomas
Series: The Windy City Dark Mystery
Amazon UK £1.98   &  Amazon.com $2.88
Format: Digital
Publisher: Alibi (26 May 2015)
Source: Publisher/TLC Book Tours/NetGalley


TLC Blog Tour : Review & Giveaway

I am thrilled that Lisa from TLC Book Tours approached me to ask if I would like to read Disintegration and take part in the book tour.  After seeing a recommendation from Brian Evenson whose novels I have read and enjoyed, I was eager to get reading.

There are no mirrors in my apartment. I have forgotten my own face. My wife is a distant memory, and I can’t remember what she smells like, the melody of my son’s laugh, the butterfly kisses of my daughter’s soft lips on my cheek. They are shadows that haunt my every movement, and I drown them out, blur them every chance I get.’

This was a real compulsive car crash read. My initial thoughts on finishing Disintegration, were WOW, just WOW.

The narrative was confusing and disorientating mirroring the mindset of the narrator who is also the protagonist. As the story evolves you follow him maybe reluctantly at first, but then compulsively, along his road to self annihilation, retribution or redemption.  He doesn't know where the road will lead and you don't know which he deserves.

Our protagonist is a fractured shell of his former self. A devastating incident has resulted in the loss of everything he cares about. Between episodes of brutality and drug induced oblivion he listens to snippets of a recorded message left by his wife just before the said incident.  Far too painful for him to listen to in its entirety he craves the void again by means of a drug and alcohol induced coma. Life is a continuous slide between blurred reality and nothingness.

He gives not a damn about himself nor anyone unlucky enough to be drawn to his attention. He is an emotionally dead receptacle, void of any emotion or empathy. He only becomes animated by the aggressive encounters he has with those he believes needs to be taught a lesson. I am not a violent person but the writing draws you utterly into the seedy, dirty world the narrator resides in and I couldn't help myself from siding with him on many occasions.

Although dark and vengeful there are episodes of light and tenderness in the form of 'Luscious the cat' who visits him.  Our narrator cares and feeds her during her short stays, but she is ever watchful and wary and leaves at the slightest shift in his mood. Other chinks of light also come in the fleeting sporadic visits from Holly, his girlfriend. The most beautiful and sensual moments in Disintegration are between these two, but you can't help get that niggling doubt in the back of your mind that things aren't as they appear.

The story is as fragmented and confusing as the narrators psyche.  Eventually he comes to question what has happened 
to him, and who his secret benefactor is.  Is he being manipulated for sinister and ulterior motives? As he starts to make sense of the puzzle he is left wondering if he will be able to escape his current situation and return to being the man he once was after all he has done?

This was my first read from Richard Thomas and it definitely won't be my last. I look forward to reading 'The Breaker' the second book in the "Windy City Dark Mystery" series when it becomes available.

Pure Noir .... Gritty, unnecessary gratuitous violence...brilliant...loved it!

Disclaimer: A complimentary digital copy of Disintegration was provided by Alibi from the Random House Publishing Group and TLC Book Tours in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

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