Sunday, 1 May 2016

Forthcoming Reviews: Wolf Trial, Neil Mackay & Shekinah, Paul Beech

Reviews to come over the next few days are;

 photo 1E7393BB-E47D-4098-83CE-A2EDF7D01E01_zps96mf8v4a.png
The Wolf Trial: a novel by Neil Mackay, an intriguing and phenomenally good piece of fiction based on a 16th century serial killer which I rated at almost the perfect 5

 photo 4211876B-271D-4AB8-B19D-99FE64F7E9A1_zpsimeiaaae.jpg
& Shekinah by Paul Beech, an exceptional debut offering to the teen/YA genre. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and looking forward to a follow-up. I gave it a big thumbs up with a 4 out of 5

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