Thursday, 13 June 2013

Riso: Undiscovered Rice Dishes of Northern Italy by Gioietta Vitale

Undiscovered Rice Dishes of Northern Italy
Gioetta Vitale

Rating: 3 out of 5

"One hundred quick and simple rice recipes capturing the flavor and excitement of traditional Italian cooking.  From soups and salads to risottos and desserts, Gioietta Vitale presents the best of northern Italy’s rice-based specialties. Illustrated with line drawings and filled with tips on ingredients, techniques, and even the perfect wine to go with each dish, Riso is a comprehensive guide to rice by a master of Italian cuisine."

Fantastic inspiration to cook. I was so excited about Riso: Undiscovered Rice Dishes of Northern Italy. 'Riso' contains a hundred fast and easy recipes to try from appetisers to desserts. With easily accessible ingredients and an uncomplicated method of cooking, this book would be a great addition to, or begin, any collection.

I loved the recipes and looked forward to trying some out. The only downside, which to me was a big disappointment, was that there are no colour photographs which really would make this a beautiful book to flick through for inspiration for that special dish or just a quick and easy meal. Unfortunately because of the lack of any photographs, and the price of $14.99 which I feel is a little pricey, I have only given 3 stars, rather than a 5 star rating indicating a spectacular book of cuisine.

I would however, definitely recommend this book and even encourage anyone unsure or unconfident in making rice/risotto dishes as the instructions are easy to follow, and what's more, they work. The rice filled peaches were just divine.

Move away from plain boiled rice and give these recipes ago.

Thank you Open Road Media and for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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