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Operation Nemesis: The Assassination Plot That Avenged the Armenian Genocide by Eric Bogosian

Operation Nemesis by Eric Bogosian
Print Length: 288 pages
Source: Publisher (e-copy)
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (21 April 2015)

A masterful account of the conspiracy of assassins that hunted down the perpetrators of a genocideIn 1921, a small group of self-appointed patriots set out to avenge the deaths of almost one million victims of the Armenian Genocide. They named their operation Nemesis after the Greek goddess of retribution. Over several years, the men tracked down and assassinated former Turkish leaders. The story of this secret operation has never been fully told until now.

Eric Bogosian goes beyond simply telling the story of this cadre of Armenian assassins to set the killings in context by providing a summation of the Ottoman and Armenian history as well as the history of the genocide itself. Casting fresh light on one of the great crimes of the twentieth century and one of history's most remarkable acts of political retribution, and drawing upon years of new research across multiple continents, NEMESIS is both a riveting read and a profound examination of evil, revenge, and the costs of violence.

MY THOUGHTS: Operation Nemesis
Eric Bogosian gives an informative insight to Turkey, and of its historical relationship with, or tolerance of, its Armenian citizens. He then follows by telling the story of Soghomon Tehlirian an assassin who seeks to avenge the murder of his family. Tehlirian, himself is a survivor of the deportations and mass murders losing all but one member of his family.  His soul purpose in life thereafter is to hunt down and kill those responsible.

The story is all the more captivating as there are some incredibly distressing and horrific scenes recounted. Some so harrowing and depressing that at times I found it hard to continue reading. Fortunately, I persevered and was engrossed as the narrative concentrated on Tehrilan's obsessive, pursuit of his targets.

Using new material and memoirs Operation Nemesis reads like a gripping espionage thriller.  I had to remind myself that it was non fiction and not a novel penned by Graeme Green or John LeCarre.

Utterly compelling and staggeringly well written. Highly recommended.

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