Monday, 23 March 2015

The Centenary of the Armenian Genocide - 24 April 2015

In January this year, Amal Clooney (George Clooney's wife) went before Europe's top human rights court to represent Armenia against a Turkish politician found guilty of denying that the Armenian genocide ever happened.   There is still widespread denial from the Turkish that the 'genocide' took place and even rationalise killing of Armenians at the time as a 'retaliative' response to their rebellious and aggressive actions towards the Ottoman State.  Hopefully any publicity will contribute to bringing an end to this senseless denial of atrocities instigated by the Turkish leaders.

On April 24, 2015 Armenians will commemorate the centenary of the Armenian genocide. Up to 1.5 million were slaughtered. Many were forced to convert to Islam. However conversion didn't save them and as the momentum of killings intensified few escaped.

Reading the accounts of torture and murder from a hundred years ago I couldn't help thinking about the victims being subjected to just the same depravity today in this troubled world and that how, depressingly, history continues to repeat itself. The 

There will still be those who deny the atrocities, and there will be others who will be horrified and sickened by the detailed description of brutality, torture and murder done to these people. Therefore, it is imperative that we heed and do not ignore these warning signs from the past.

Publications due for release to commemorate the centenary are:
Operation Nemesis by Eric BogosianSacred Justice by Marian Mescrobian MacCurdy;
"They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else": A History of the Armenian Genocide (Human Rights and Crimes against Humanity) By Ronald Grigor Suny;
An Inconvenient Genocide: Who Now Remembers the Armenians? By Geoffrey Robertson;
The Great Fire: One American's Mission to Rescue Victims of the 20th Century 's First Genocide by Lou Ureneckand a graphic novel by Josh Blaylock called Operation Nemesis: A Story of Genocide & Revenge.

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