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The Migraine Miracle by Josh Turknett MD

Title:The Migraine Miracle: A Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Diet to Reduce Inflammation and Relieve Your Headaches for Good
Author: Josh Turknett MD
Pages: 224
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Published Date: Dec 1, 2013
ISBN: 9781608828753
Price: $16.95 USD
Source: (E-copy) Publisher via NetGalley

Rating: 4 out of 5
(If it works , 5 out of 5)

Book Description:
"If you suffer from migraines, you know from experience that prescription medication can only do so much to help relieve your suffering. You also know that your next headache could still strike at any time, and as a result, you may lead a life of fear and trepidation, never knowing when the responsibilities of work and family will once again fall victim to your throbbing skull. Unfortunately, despite the many advances in medicine, there is still no real cure for the migraine headache.

In The Migraine Miracle, a neurologist with a personal history of migraines offers readers the revolutionary dietary cure that has worked for him and continues to work for his patients: a diet low in wheat, sugar, and processed foods, and high in organic, protein-rich animal products. The book also explores the link between inflammation, diet, and migraines, and contains a 21-day meal plan to help readers change the way they eat. By following this easy meal plan, millions of sufferers will discover a life free from symptoms—once and for all.

The book includes comprehensive, research-based information that explains what the brain goes through during a migraine headache, the phases of the migraine, and how a diagnosis is made. It also explores the risks and benefits of migraine medication, natural remedies for migraines, dietary migraine triggers, and detailed, specific instructions for a migraine-free eating plan.

If you have tried migraine medicine but have not found real relief, it’s time to try something new. By changing the way you eat, and understanding what foods can trigger your migraine, you can start feeling better longer, without the threat of a migraine always looming over everything you do."

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My Thoughts:
I eagerly opened up the e-reader for this review copy to find out if there really is a miracle diet that will fend off the dreaded migraines that have plagued me since childhood. At the best I would have a migraine once every 6 months and at worst 2 to 3 a month. 

Dr Josh Turknett, a neurologist and fellow sufferer, gives an in-depth physiology of a migraine attack detailing the various stages, and the main possible triggers.  He also claims that migraines stem from our diet as well as other trigger factors such as stress, hormones, and exhaustive exercise.  With extensive research and case studies to back up his theories, Dr. Turknett suggests an “ancestral diet” as a cure.  A diet resembling the way humans ate before the agricultural revolution.  In are: whole, unprocessed, additive-free foods.  Out are: Cereal grains (wheat) and sugar. To help keep the beast away there are 30 plus recipes featured, with a 21-day meal plan to get you started.  Extra recipe e-books are available on an accompanying website to download free, and is detailed in the book.

I was relieved to read that  my symptoms were well recorded and quite usual amongst sufferers. I wish I'd had a book like this years ago as I was terrified when I had my first flashing lights aura which rendered me unable to see for 30 minutes. So therefore, I definitely would recommend this book to any migraine, or severe headache sufferer.

The recipes are well set out and give easy to follow instructions. However, the diet is so far  from  my established food regime, which includes 3 other family members.  I know that they will balk at the change in diet initially but with an inclusion of carbohydrates for them, I'm sure it may be an achievable solution. If not,  I may have to go it alone on this one. If it cures me of this debilitating illness it will be worth it.

Thank you to  New Harbinger Publications, Inc. and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this title.

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